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How To Choose The Best Marine Speakers If you are looking for the best marine speakers you may be feeling a little overwhelmed at the wide range of choices available. What can help you to make a good decision? We hope that the clear and simple tips below will come in useful. Tip 1 - Consider The Installation Size Marine speakers can be tricky when it comes to sizes. Sometimes the size quoted by the manufacturer may not be the size you expect. For instance, the measurement that the manufacture gives might be the diameter of the cone inside, in fact, this is usually the case, however, you are not getting a guarantee about the diameter of the grill or the cutout hole. It's good to note that different manufacture sizes will vary even though they may initially appear the same, for instance, a JBL 6 1/2 inch speaker will actually be different when it comes to the cutout diameter to a Magnadyne 6 1/2 inch speaker. Make sure that you know your size limitations very well and ensure that the marine speakers that you purchase are going to be the right fit. Tip 2 - Consider The Speaker Quality There are various options to choose from, the main two being dual cone and coaxial. In general, the coaxial will provide better overall performance than the dual cone. However, they often come with a higher price tag. The size of your budget, as well as your needs, will determine whether the coaxial variants are going to be an option or not. The Bottom Line On Making A Good Choice Of course, there are many other factors to take into consideration when deciding which speakers are going to be the best fit for your needs. For instance, you should also give thought to power handling and consider which of the speakers would be a good fit for your intended purpose. However, if you sit down in advance and inform yourself on the way that speakers are sized then take good note of your own size requirements you are already ticking one very big and important box. After this, take a little more time to learn about the difference between dual cone and coaxial when it comes to the speaker quality and consider how your budget would relate to each one. This will put you in a good position to make a choice that you will not later regret.

4 Incredibly Popular Sets Of Marine Speakers

3 Things To Look For When Buying Marine Speakers Marine speakers are designed to produce good quality sound in an aquatic environment, which is usually ...

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