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6 Best VHF Marine Radios Boater Approved

Best VHF Marine Radio

Best VHF Marine Radio Available Today

It is absolutely important that each and every sailor or boater has the best VHF marine radio available. VHF(very high frequency) radio is a line-of-sight dual communications system between ships or ship to shore. They are highly reliable and modern enough to be used in recreational sailing.

Here is a list of the best VHF marine radios currently available in the market.

1. ICOM IC-M93D Handheld VHF Marine Radio
ICOM has designed a handheld radio that is known both for its aesthetics and its functional capabilities. It provides communication and navigation and is presently the slankest DSC-enabled device available. It’s a great gadget for single-handed operation and has a clear LCD screen detailing everything you’d need to know such as date and time.

2. Uniden MHS335BT Class D VHF Marine Radio
This device comes with nearly everything you might need in a single portable unit. It has GPS and Bluetooth features for easy communication, a battle with durable runtime, as well as an in-built flashlight.

3. .Cobra MR HH350 FLT VHF Radio
Cobra has been in the business of manufacturing VHF radios and that experience can be manifested in the company’s two-way radios. It’s light and small enough to have on you while you fish or kayak and has a battery that can perform for numerous days.

What Cool Features Do The Best VHF Marine Radios Have?

Anyone that spends a lot of time out at sea understands the importance of owning one of the best VHF marine radios. A good radio is essential for clear communication with other vessels, coast guards, and emergency rescue teams. Many models can also receive weather updates and local emergency information updates. In this post, we discuss some of the features to look out for when buying a new portable VHF Marine Radio.

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Firstly, long battery life is important as you don’t want to be run out of power during long excursions with no recharging facilities onboard. Unfortunately, radios with larger batteries are generally heavier, which compromises their portability. As a result, many people decide to compromise on range capabilities and buy lower-powered portable radios that don’t drain batteries so quickly. You may also want to look for a model with fast recharging times or removal batteries so that your best VHF marine radio is always ready for use.

The waterproof rating is a second feature that is important to research when comparing different handheld marine radios. You ideally want a unit that has a waterproof rating of at least IPX4, but if you can afford a model with a higher rating, it would definitely be worth the investment and could save your life if you ever need to abandon your vessel in an emergency situation far out at sea.

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Multichannel monitoring is a key feature that many find handy. With some models, you can monitor up to four channels simultaneously, but two-channel aka dual watch VHF radios tend to be the most popular. Other convenient features on top-end handheld marine include noise-canceling technology, “rewind say again”, GPS capabilities, digital selective calling (DSC), international coverage, and NOAA alarms. Some further cool features on the best VHF marine radios include a large backlit display, floatability, power boost function, shockproof design, and an integrated strobe light, which can flash an SOS signal.

While feature-rich marine radios tend to get the best reviews and ratings online, it’s important to keep in mind that many of them aren’t essential for casual users and make some models less affordable. Remember, if you already have a feature-packed hard-wired VHF marine radio on board, you might only need a low-cost basic handheld radio for emergency use.

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One last thing to consider is the manufacturer’s warranty. Some high-end portable VHF marine radios from leading global brands come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. However, the warranty is only valid if you purchase from an authorized seller.

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