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6 Very Popular Boat Cushions

Boat Cushions

Points To Consider When Buying Boat Cushions.

When it comes to cockpit cushions, you have to ensure that you choose the best quality. This is because you will be spending lots of time in the cockpit, hence the need for it to meet your needs. It would be best if you had the boat cushions to be comfortable and functional, all in one. So, what should you consider when buying boat cushions?

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The foam choice is crucial when selecting the cushions. For them to perform well, foam and fabric choice should be linked and influence each other. Closed-cell and open-cell dry fast foam are the recommended cockpit cushion foams. Closed-cell foam has fantastic floatation capabilities, as it will not soak up any water or moisture. It is recommended for frequent boaters and liveaboards. Dry fast foam is breathable, on the other hand, and will allow water to run through it.

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When it comes to fabric, there are three main types recommended; vinyl, woven, and mesh. Vinyl is waterproof, inexpensive, and quite durable. It is also the easiest to clean of the three. For the woven type, you are recommended to buy a water-resistant one.

Choosing the right boat cushion is essential to ensure that you get the functionality and comfort you need. With the above points, you will be able to get the right one for you.

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A Shopper’s Guide To Buying Boat Cushions

Your boat’s exterior needs to be sturdy and the interior has to be functional and stylish too. Whether you have a small boat or a large yacht, one of the most important things to take into consideration is making sure that the boat is comfortable for everyone on it. Design is a factor but is as equally important as prioritizing comfort and functionality.

With that being said, one of the upgrades you can do on your boat is to purchase the right boat cushions. Here are some factors to take into consideration when shopping for the right cushion suitable for your needs and budget:

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1. Foam Material

Your comfort starts the moment you choose the right foam materials. Since this will be placed in a boat, take into consideration that it may sometimes get damp or wet, which means it should be treated with materials that could resist molds and other mildew from forming. Antimicrobial, anti-mildew, and mold-resistant foams are commonly the top choice.

2. Breathability

Can you use a cushion from your home and bring it to your boat? Most often than not, you can’t. Not because it doesn’t fit or it won’t look good in your boat, but these cushions found at your home aren’t specifically made for boating conditions. Boat cushions should ideally have breathable materials – which makes it easy for air pockets to run and water to drain easily.

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The faster the material dries, the better it is. You can’t avoid getting wet. Water may splash all the time, and you can’t just risk getting the typical 4-inch cushions you would normally use at home.

You may also consider adding an extra layer of waterproof pads or protectors to take care of your cushions.

Foams that drain water quickly are the top choice. Some others choose closed-cell foams that resist water most of the time and doubles as a floatation device. However, closed-cell foams are often too hard making it uncomfortable when used for prolonged periods.

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3. Firmness

Speaking of comfort, considering that you’ll be sailing for hours on the sea, you should purchase a cushion that is firm enough to withstand long hours. It shouldn’t be too soft that it fails to offer support, and it mustn’t be too hard that it won’t provide comfort. It needs to be a balance between the two. Read reviews and check the boating community for brands and other boat cushions that have been tested and proven to work.

Compile a list of the features you want, and look for products that meet your guidelines. By understanding what you’re looking for, it’ll be easier for you to shop for the right type of cushion and not feel overwhelmed with all the choices presented to you.

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