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Fish Finder Rig

A Fish Finder Rig

There is an old adage from fishermen that says that if you use the right bait you will find all of the fish. This saying has proven to be true for countless centuries. This is one of the main reasons today why experienced fishermen would consider purchasing a fish finder rig to guarantee a catch. A fish finder is beneficial because it will save you valuable fishing time by ignoring areas where there are no active fish. On the other hand, it will locate areas that have huge bait spots and tell you if any target fish are feeding.

Simply put, a fish finding rig is a perfect device to identify promising fishing locations so as to help you catch more fish. The device uses a sound energy pulse for its detection of fish. The better fish finding rigs have a selection of options to view important things such as the depth, underwater structures, boat speed, temperature of water columns, and any hidden locations. The sonar signals, that a fish finding rig uses, will provide images of underwater still and moving objects.

The device will use a transducer to convert the sound signals from the electrical signals. The sound signals are echoed back after traveling downward to the water depths or any existing fish.

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What You Need To Know About Fish Finder Rigs

If you live near the coast, you must enjoy fishing as one of your pastimes. Of course, you need the best fish finder rig to allow you to catch fish. Here’s what you need to know about rigs and how to find the best one.

What Is A Fish Finder Rig?

It is a rig used for surf fishing that can be used with various lines, hooks and weights in different sizes. Some of the components of a fish finder rig include the following.

• Pyramid Sinker – It is used to weigh down the rig allowing the bait to be cast far out into the surf. The pyramid shape allows it to sink into the sand and the sharp edge of the pyramid prevents the bait from sinking back into the sore.

• Steel Leader Or Monofilament – It is used to prevent saltwater fish from biting through the line when attacking the bait. It also comes with a thicker line allowing the bait to bounce along the bottom thereby attracting the fish.

Fish Finder Rig

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• Sinker Slider And Bead – It is used to attach the pyramid weight to the line. It is used to allow the bait to connect to the line directly so it’s easy to feel when the fish bites into the bait.

• Dr. Fish Rolling Barrel Swivel – The main purpose of this component is preventing the sinker slider from sliding down the ook

• Circle Hook – It allows you to attach different types of bait to your rig. It also prevents your bait from falling and your fish can it without immediately feeling the hook.

• Plastic Fishing Bead – It protects your snap swivel from the sinker slider.

How To Make A Good Fish Finder Rig

Here is a step-by-step process for making a good fish finder rig for your next fishing trip.

• Start by making the leader where you pick a steel leader where a snap swivel is attached on both sides. You can also cut one of your monofilament. Tie the circle hook to one side and add the snap swivel to the other side.

• Next, you should slide the sinker slider on the fishing line and attach the pyramid weight to the line.

• Thread the plastic bead on after the sinker slider.

• Next, tie side of the leader with the open snap swivel to the line.

• Finally, you can add the bait and you’re ready to start surf fishing.

Happy surf fishing!

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