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4 Approved Handheld Two Way Radios

Handheld Two Way Radio

Handheld Two Way Radios

Handheld two way radios are an ideal way to stay in communication when you’re on a hike, camping trip, from the house to the barn, across the street to the neighbors, etc. Many people invest in these to utilize them for short distances. Each handheld is slightly different so you’ll need to understand the differences before you purchase a set of handhelds.

You can purchase them for HAM radio use or you can purchase them for civilian use. Either way, you’ll want to know what you’re investing in before you purchase. Will you be using specific frequencies that require a HAM radio license? Different licenses will allow you to use different frequencies so you’ll want to be very careful to ensure that you’re purchasing one that can be readily utilized.

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If you’re not a HAM radio operator you’ll want to make sure that you can legally use the frequencies that you wish to use. MERS is an ideal choice for someone to stay in communication for short distances and not require a HAM radio license. Motorola, Yeasu, Icom, and Kenwood are all ideal options for your to purchase and readily use as your communication device. There are other brands out there as well.

The Advantages of Handheld Two Way Radio

A handheld two-way radio is a device capable of transmitting and receiving radio signals, commonly used for bidirectional communication between two users. The users, however, have to be on the same frequency and within range to be able to communicate. These devices come particularly in handy in areas with poor or no cell reception, search as deep sea or in mountain ranges. They are thus the most preferred mode of communication in boats and other sea vessels. Outlined below are a few reasons to invest in and the advantages of portable two-way radios.

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1. Connectivity and Reliability
Handheld two-way radios make it possible to create a dedicated communications network that isn’t dependent on base stations, as seen with cell phones. These radios can communicate seamlessly without additional equipment, making them more reliable, especially in complex situations and areas, such as the sea. Some of the best hand held two-way radio brands transmit and receive radio signals from a radius of 30 miles. Adding a larger antenna to your vessel also helps increase the range too.

2. Simple and Straight Forward
Handheld two way radios are considerably easy to set up and use. These handheld two way radios are designed for communication alone, hence do not come bundled with tons of unnecessary features. All one needs to do is select the correct frequency, then push the PTT (push-to-talk) button to talk to the person on the other end. Even a 3-year old can operate this radio.

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3. Tough and Long Lasting
Portable handheld two way radios are designed for use in harsh environments, hence built to last. Some of these devices can withstand water, explosive atmospheres, and dust without losing their functionality. In addition to the tough build quality, they are quite lightweight and versatile as well. You don’t have to worry about the radio weighing you down and especially when in a tricky situation.

4. Incredible Battery Life
A handheld two-way radio, unlike cell phones, come equipped with a massive battery capable of lasting several days on a single charge. You thus never have to worry about the handheld two-way radios running out of juice when deep in the sea or scouting a new island.

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5. Portability
As the name suggests, handheld two way radios are designed for portability. They can also be strapped on your trousers, belt, or bag, giving your hands space to operate essential equipment.

These are just but some of the key features, and reasons to invest in a two way radio. With the numerous brand out there, you should be able to find just the right one for your specific needs and application.

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