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4 Customer Approved Kenwood 2 Way Radios

Kenwood 2 Way Radio

Why You Should Buy a Kenwood 2 Way Radio

The multi-functional nature of cell phones makes them very convenient for everyday use, especially on a job site. They come with a multitude of applications that can make work much easier, especially if mathematic calculations or internet access are required.

However, a mobile phone may not be the best choice for communications. Two-way radios make for a very compelling argument when it comes to easy communication.

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The features of these traditionally short-range devices have grown significantly with innovations in technology. They can now be used for private calls, come with address books, data communications, in-built GPS, and even text messaging capability.

Kenwood Two Way Radios
It is a common saying in the industry that there is no manufacturer of two way radios that offers audio clarity and quality better than Kenwood.

The company was founded in 1946 in Komagane City, Japan. It was then known as the Kasuga Radio Company but was later renamed Trio Corporation. It became Kenwood in 1986 since the name ‘Kenwood’ was deemed marketable to both the Asian and North American markets. Kenwood is, however, currently headquartered in Yokohama, Japan.

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Kenwood two way radios are made for business. There is a multitude of options ranging from small lightweight devices to high powered durable machines. Kenwood two way radios are perfect for use in warehouses, schools, construction sites, hotels, and security applications.

Examples of Kenwood Two Way Radios
Kenwood’s catalog of 2-way radios includes both analog and digital two-way radios while some offer both capacities. The first Kenwood analog two-way radio was released in 1978. It has since helped to create a reputation for the brand for delivering reliable and innovative radio communication solutions in over 150 countries.

Examples of analog Kenwood two way radios include the Kenwood TK-3000, TK-2000, TK-3302, TK-2302, and the TK-2360T.

Examples of digital Kenwood two way radios include the NX-3320E3, NX-3300E3, NX-3300E2, NX-3320E2, and the NX-3300E.

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Benefits of Using Kenwood 2 Way Radios
Kenwood two way radios are extremely light and durable. While your smartphone will most likely have a cover to protect it from damage, Kenwood two way radios are often designed with military and private security applications in mind. As such, they are built with a sturdy approach so they don’t crack or break when dropped.

Kenwood 2 way radios are also very easy to use. They have either button or touch talk communication which helps provide clear communication under various conditions and temperatures. They are also cost-effective since they don’t require calling minutes or data subscription for communication.

Why Choose A Kenwood 2 Way Radio?

If you’re in the market for a 2 way radio, you may wish to look into a Kenwood 2 way radio. Kenwood is a name brand that stands behind its products. Solid construction and excellent service make this a great choice for all 2 way radio needs. Ideal for boaters, hikers, campers, HAM radio enthusiasts, household use, from the house to the barn, etc. these radios offer quality sound at reasonable prices.

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A Kenwood 2 way radio should give you quality sound and be easy to use. Set your channel and press the button and you’re on your way to great communication. Many boaters choose to use Kenwood’s for ship-to-shore communications. Also ideal for communicating with the Coast Guard should you encounter any issues while out in your boat.

Quality construction, great sound, easy to take with you and easy to use, Kenwood offers a great deal at a reasonable price. When you are relying on your radio for communications, you want something that you won’t have to worry about quitting at the wrong time. You can rely on your Kenwood 2 way radio to work for many years to come. Available in a variety of options, you’re sure to be pleased with your purchase.

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