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3 Famous Kicker Marine Speakers

Kicker Marine Speakers

Kicker Marine Speakers Are Top Of The Line

You need to make sure you know a little more about Kicker Marine speakers before you buy them. Don’t just spend your money without doing your research so you can learn if these speakers are the right option for you to invest in. They make it easier to play music and to listen to things like podcasts while you’re out on the water. Just remember to bring a device that can work with the speakers. That way, you can have the device loaded with music or anything else that you want to listen to and you can change what is on it regularly to keep the selection fresh.

Speakers need to be of high quality if you want them to last. That’s why it’s good that this set is going to meet your needs and then some. They are meant to go onto a boat so they will last as you work with your boat and listen to them. Know how long they’ll last by looking up reviews to see what people thought of them. That, or just buy a pair and test them out because they are likely to be just what you’re looking for in a pair of speakers.

Review On Kicker Marine Speakers

Kicker Marine Speakers is a brand that provides high-performance audio. If you love the open waters and premium audio, then Kicker Marine Audio offers the best audio quality subwoofers and speakers specifically designed for boating.

The speakers are all 100% weather-proof and are designed to withstand fog, salt, and UV conditions. Kicker Marine Speakers are also splash-proof and come with sealed motor structures along with terminal covers that lock.

If you are looking for high-quality marine speakers, here is a list of 3 top sellers sold by Kicker Marine Audio:

#1 Kicker KM604W 6-1/2″ 2-Way Marine Speakers

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These powerful 6-1/2″speakers are durable enough for saltwater applications and very easy on the ears. The robust poly-woofers and the 1/2″ balanced-dome tweeters cut through engine roar, waves, and wind to deliver excellent sound.

Similar to all the KM Series models, Kicker have made sure these 4-ohm speakers withstand marine applications, with rubber-cone surrounds, sealed motors, and terminal covers that lock to stop moisture or spray from getting inside the internal components

#2 Kicker 45KM654 6-1/2″ Marine Speakers With White And Charcoal Grilles

Kicker 45KM654 6.5 Inch Marine Coaxial Boat Speakersamazon shop now button

The 45KM654 6-1/2″ Kicker Marine Speakers look fantastic and sound terrific on any type of boat. These speakers also come with sealed motors, lockable terminal covers, and rubber-cone surrounds. Whether you are on salt water or freshwater, these are the speakers you will want to invest in if you are looking for many years of reliable performance.

The Kicker 45KM654 6-1/2″ speakers feature 3/4″ titanium tweeters and strong poly-woofers that cut through waves, engine roar, and wind to produce excellent sound without having to worry about annoying harshness. Whether you decide to mount the speakers in your bulkhead, or you install the speakers in Kicker’s custom enclosures, these are the type of speakers that will make your adventures on the water more enjoyable.

#3 Kicker 45KM654L 6-1/2″2-Way Marine Speakers (LED Lighting)

KICKER KM 6.5 Inch Marine Marvel UV Treated Speakersamazon shop now button

These 6-1/2″ kicker marine speakers not only sound great but also feature aggressive styling and built-in LED lighting. The multi-color LEDs can be adjusted to match your mood or your boat, adding a stylish appeal to evening cruises. The white and charcoal grilles look fantastic on any boat along with 20 color options to choose from. These speakers also offer 19 dynamic -modes when you use the optional KMLC remote. The remote allows you to control the LED lighting giving you options to manage the color along with dynamic-mode functions that include fade, strobe/speed, auto-save, and brightness.

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