5 Awesome Marine Battery Switches


Choosing A Marine Battery Switch

There are a lot of people who enjoy spending a summer weekend on their boat. Many of these boats are equipped with a marine battery switch. However, there are not many boaters who truly understand what is the purpose of these switches? These marine switches are very important and if your boat does not have one, then it might be a good idea to have one installed.

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A marine battery switch is a device that allows you to transfer from one battery to another battery without having each time to disconnect and reconnect wires. This would be beneficial for making sure that all of your batteries are fully charged while boating. This would be especially beneficial for anyone who runs a lot of items on battery power. For example, some of the items that run off of your battery include the boat’s lights, radio, trolling motors, and fish finders, just to name a few.

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The disadvantage of only having one battery on your boat is that a single battery will be responsible for providing energy for everything. The battery will be charged when the boat is running but when the motor is turned off, the boat’s alternator will stop charging. However, the battery will continue to supply power to all of your electronics. At the end of a great day of being out on the water, a single battery may have been fully discharged. A dead battery means that you will not be able to get back to shore without signaling someone for help. Simply put, if you cannot start your boat then the alternator will not charge your battery.

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Therefore, many experienced boaters understand the importance of utilizing two batteries at all times. They also realize the importance of having a marine switch between the batteries. Some boaters prefer to have various items controlled by both batteries at the same time whereas others will use the batteries separately depending on what is being used. For example, you may choose one battery to run important items like a boat’s running lights and communication radios. At the same time, you may choose your other battery to run various less vital electronics when the boat is not in operation.

Another uncommon benefit of having a battery switch is the fact that it can prolong the life of your battery. True, you will need to understand how to do this but it can save you money in the long run.

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Save Energy With A Marine Battery Switch

Marine battery switches are required to be compatible with all marine equipment, as they are used in marine applications. The marine battery switches provide an additional safety feature to replace the normal batteries in boats and also to detect the exact type of battery that is present in the system. With such switches, you can easily change the batteries in your boats and ensure that you do not face any kind of problem or issue while using the boat. These switches are easily available in the market but before purchasing them, you should make sure that you get a genuine one from a good company.

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The marine battery switches ensure safety in the dock and can be used to change the batteries in your boats with ease. These switches are designed to handle a specific set of marine batteries. There are several kinds of batteries that can be handled by these switches. These include lead-acid batteries, alkaline batteries, lithium batteries, and also the nickel-metal hydride batteries. The marine battery switches can be used to handle all of these different types of batteries in a safe and protected manner. You just need to purchase a specific size and type of switch so that you can easily alter the batteries in your boats.


Written by Randy Sewell

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