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4 Super Trusted Marine Subwoofers

Marine Subwoofer

What You Need To Know About Marine Subwoofers

Are you looking for the best outdoor sound system? Do you need a sound system with the perfect balance between bass and volume to overcome any background noises? Well, marine subwoofers are a great choice. You can use them anywhere outdoors because they are designed with protection from elements such as the sun’s rays, moisture or light rain.

Marine subwoofers are mostly designed for baffle installations and free air mounting. These are most common in boats because you need to mount them in an area where you can’t use a box. The manufacturers assume that the subwoofers will be used without enclosures. As such, they are designed with a lot of power to cover up the lack of box amplification.

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When getting one, you need to consider the RMS Power Rating which refers to the amount of power a marine sub can be handle continuously. The best rating is between 75 to 90% to avoid overpowering or blowing out the subwoofer when in use. You should also be able to notice the waterproof rubber mounting gaskets that prevent deterioration of the subwoofers.

Also, these subwoofers are designed with materials that are corrosion-resistant especially the stainless steel and gold-plated terminals. Take your time to find the best subwoofers for use on your boat when fishing.

Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Marine Subwoofer

Are you looking to add some punch to your boat’s music system? A quality and capable marine subwoofer might be just what you want to produce the low-end sound. This is particularly important if you only have the standard marine speakers, which can only reproduce high and midrange frequencies. A good subwoofer should help improve bass signature, especially when on the high seas. While you might be tempted to use the standard subwoofer, chances are it won’t survive the harsh environment on your boat. Only subwoofers designed for that kind of environment (dust, moisture, and risk of water splashing) can survive. Here are a few essential tips and factors to consider when shopping for a marine subwoofer.

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1. IP (Ingress Protection) Rating
Your choice subwoofer should at least be marine-ready. It should be capable of withstanding dust, dirt, and water without losing its fidelity and performance. That said, you need to invest in a subwoofer with the highest IP rating possible. Experts recommend marine speakers and subwoofers with at least an IP rating of IP55. IP67 is, however, the ideal and the best rating for your subwoofers.

2. Salt, UV, And Fog Resistance
The sub is more likely to be exposed to saltwater, got, and sunlight while in the high seas. It thus should be made of a durable and robust material capable of withstanding such elements. You don’t want your sub-woofer giving up just a few days after installation.

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3. Type and Size
The subwoofer size is one of the critical factors to consider when shopping for a marine subwoofer. The size, however, depends on how big or small the boat or cabin is. An 8-to-10-inch subwoofer would be ideal for smaller and compact cabins, while 12-to-15-inch subs are recommended for larger spaces. The size of the subwoofer should also match the size of your satellite speakers as well.

You might also want to choose between a sealed and ported subwoofer. Sealed subwoofers have a considerably smaller housing but reproduce righter bass. Ported subs, on the other hand, have a larger cabinet and are a lot louder.

RMS can be defined as the maximum power the sub can give out. It would be advisable to choose a subwoofer with enough RMS power to fill the cabin without having to pump it up. The best subwoofer should be capable of producing frequencies of between 50 and 250hz or lower. You also want to match the subwoofer impedance with its amplifier for the best performance.

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These are just but some of the key things to consider when shopping for a marine subwoofer. Be sure to check customer ratings, reviews, and testimonials before making the purchase.

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