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4 Amazing Stainless Hardware Needs

Stainless Hardware

Why Marine Stainless Hardware Remains So Popular

They say that the sea is a harsh mistress – and that does apply to fittings on marine craft. It’s also one of the reasons that Stainless steel has become so popular as a metal of choice for deck fittings. It does rust, but some simple care will ensure that it maintains its good looks – and its strength is definitely a selling point.

Marine stainless hardware ticks all the right boxes, it is relatively corrosion resistant (although as said it can rust), it’s light and strong, and is available in a number of different alloys that vary in quality, making it suitable for a wide variety of functions. The first type suitable for marine use is the 304 which is primarily used for nuts and bolts. It is subject to tarnishing, but simple cleaning will remedy that. The second type is the 316 variant. This offers better corrosion resistance and maintains a brighter finish so is popular for highly visible fittings such as cleats and rails.

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Surface corrosion will appear after some time when it comes to marine Stainless Steel hardware, but a quick wipe down with light metal polish or even lemon juice will restore its shine.

Marine Stainless hardware remains an excellent choice for boat owners – and others who need fittings that are exposed to salt air and water. It’s cost-effective and good looking and looks set to remain a firm favorite for years to come.

Picking Out Stainless Hardware For Your Boat

Picking out stainless hardware for your boat is more than an aesthetic choice, it’s also a way to make sure that you have the best possible attachment points on your boat. In a storm, when towing your boat, and even when making repairs, these are some of the most important components. Making a good choice can be the difference between expensive repairs at a later date and smooth sailing. Each of the hardware pieces in question are small and might seem like they don’t matter, but as a whole they comprise a large amount of the useful hardware on any given boat.

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First off, you should select all of your hardware at the same time, this will ensure that you have even wear and that you don’t forget a piece. If you need to replace something later, make sure that you replace all of the items that go in the same place. So if a hook breaks you should replace all of the hooks, if a clip breaks you replace all of the clips, don’t just replace a single item. This is important both because it will make your repairs easier to keep track of and because items tend to wear at the same rates. If one item breaks, it is likely that another will break soon after.

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Second, make sure that you are selecting your items from a quality supplier. Many people are tempted by cheaper prices or second hand items because they can save you a bit of money up front. In reality they tend to cost you more in the long run as you pay for more replacements or have to pay expensive repair fees. The known names in the business are famous because they provide quality stainless hardware that stands up to the demands of the open water.

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Don’t try and cut corners, don’t be afraid to replace entire sets, and don’t skimp out on anything when it comes to your boat. When you take the time to replace things as they need and make sure that you save extras for emergency repairs you are safer on the water and you have greater peace of mind. Even the smallest items can make or break you when it comes to an emergency situation so there is no component that you should overlook. Take the time to complete thorough inspections of you boat and all stainless hardware and you should have no problems.

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