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5 Super Trusted Stainless Steel Hardware Needs

Stainless Steel Hardware

4 FACTS to Know About Stainless Steel Hardware

Steel is considered by metallurgists and historians alike as the materials that has forged empires and supported the massive structures of our modern civilization. But when it comes down to getting the most of your stainless steel hardware, there is a lot of fact to divide from myth and misconception.

Here are some of the most important things to know about your stainless steel hardware.

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1. Stainless Steel Is Actually a Soft Metal

Generally speaking, stainless steel is considered a soft metal and is therefore unsuitable for a variety of extremely heavy-duty tasks. If you will be using stainless steel hardware for especially heavy loads and securing weighty matters, you will need to consider the type of steel being used in your hardware. For example, Grade 410 stainless steel is an example of a type of steel created for intense strength. Of course, the increased carbon content of stronger steels also makes them more susceptible to corrosion.

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2. Stainless Steel Can Still Corrode

To most people, stainless steel is the material used to create those fabulous silverware that never corrodes and never even loses its shine. But few people understand this material beyond that. Actually, there are many varieties of stainless steel designed for different strengths and purposes. For example, if you will be using stainless steel hardware within 20 miles of the salty sea air, you will want to use stainless steel grade 316.

3. Stainless Steel an Invisible Outer Shielding

Sounds like the stuff of legends, but stainless steel is what it is due to an invisible oxide coating that forms over the surface of the material. Even if this coating becomes damaged in any way, the oxide layer will reform and continue its protection of the metal below.

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4. Stainless Steel Reacts With Aluminum

When placed together stainless steel and aluminum will interact electrically to create what is known as galvanic corrosion. This is because aluminum is a very attractive anode and steel acts as a cathode. This causes electrons to move from the cathode to anode and this causes corrosion. If you must use these two materials in conjunction for some reason, consider separating them with an insulating patch of rubber to disrupt this electronic transfer.

-Working With Stainless Steel

As you can see, there is much to consider when choosing the perfect stainless-steel hardware for your needs. Steel hardware is valued for its extreme strength and durability, but these advantages can only be fully enjoyed if the steel hardware you use is selected perfectly for the needs you have.

-The Benefits of Stainless Steel Hardware

When you’re choosing hardware for your boat, you’ll want to look for hardware made from stainless steel whenever possible. Why opt for stainless steel hardware? These are a few of the perks of steel:

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-It’s Resistant To Corrosion

Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, which makes it a particularly good choice for boat hardware.

-It’s Lightweight

Stainless steel is strong and sturdy, but it’s also lightweight, which makes it one of the best options available to you.

-It’s Easy To Clean

When marine hardware is dirty, it’s more likely to be damaged. One of the biggest benefits stainless steel offers is that it’s easy to keep clean.

-It’s Fire Resistant

You’ll want to choose hardware that will keep your boat secure. Not only is stainless hardware fire resistant, but it’s heat-resistant as well.

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-It’s A Popular Option

Stainless steel is commonly used for marine hardware, which means you’ll have no shortage of options available to you.

-It’s Affordable

Stainless steel hardware is easy to fabricate, which means this is usually a cost-effective option.

-It’s Resistant To Impact

This material makes it resistant to impact, which means it’s an excellent way to keep your boat protected.

As you can clearly see, stainless hardware offers countless benefits. Consider stainless steel if you’re looking for hardware for your boat.

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