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3 Approved VHF Radio Antennas

VHF Radio Antenna

What You Need to Know About A VHF Radio Antenna

A VHF radio antenna (very high frequency) is a very crucial part of your VHF communications setup. You need to have a clear understanding of how they function and how to choose the right antenna if you’re going to better your ability to communicate with the port or other boaters.

The main aim of a VHF radio antenna is to serve as a radiator for the energy produced by the radio transmitter. The antenna’s purpose is to radiates this power in the right direction.

It is important that the VHF radio antennas are protected by a weather-protected enclosure. Alternatively, the antenna can be made of plastic or corrosion-resistant metal. It must also be able to withstand the forces brought about by a boat rocking against the turbulent waves of the sea.

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If you want to improve the reach of your VHF, there are a few rules that you should be aware of:
Marine VHF radios for recreational boats are restricted to an output of 25 watts.
The height of your antenna dictates how far you can transmit.
Antenna gain is very important. If several radios try to contact a single receiving radio, the antenna with the highest gain is the one the receiving radio is most likely to hear.

Tips On Choosing The Right VHF Radio Antenna

Are you looking for a very high frequency radio antenna for your boat? If you are, you will likely find one that is ideal. Marine VHF antennas are designed to be easy to use, as well as easy to install, despite the incredible size that many of them have. When you choose them, you need to look at the series that is currently offered, and it should be equipped with many features and benefits. Let’s look at how to get the best VHF radio antenna for your boat that you can start using right away.

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Features To Look For

There are several features that each one of these should have. For example, it should have a minimum of a 6 dB gain. It should be an antenna that is easy to install and uses brass radiators that can help improve its performance levels. The reason that you want higher DB antennas is for the simple purpose that they can effectively radiate power more easily. If you have lower DB antennas, they are going to not be as proficient, but they are recommended for vessels such as sailing boats.

How To Find These On Sale

Locating these on sale this very easy to do. You may not have a store in your city or town that has one, but you can find them online. When you are choosing them, make sure that the antenna itself is a minimum of half of the length of the entire boats. This will ensure that proper reception can be obtained. One of the best on the market is a Shakespeare antenna.

This falls into a couple different categories. There are the classic versions, the galaxy versions, and the final one is aptly named phase 3. If you are replacing one that you have right now, you will want to get one that is an upgrade, so that you can receive signals much more easily.

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If you do a lot of fishing, and you are far out in the ocean or out on a link, having the best reception is so important. It can be hard for people to find you, yet with these radio antennas, you will have no problem receiving signals that can come out to help you. At the very least, your ability to speak with other people that are on boats will be greatly enhanced. Just take the time to examine all of them, consider their size, how they are made, and the price that you will pay for a VHF radio antenna.

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